Renaissance Council #429

Allied Masonic Degree
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Welcome to:

Renaissance Council No. 429

Stated meetings are held twice a year on the Proposed following dates:









Dec. 13, 2011- Annual


May 29, 2012


Dec, 27, 2012- Annual


May 28, 2013


Dec. 30, 2013- Annual


May 27, 2014


Dec. 30, 2014- Annual


Social Hour begins at 6pm, followed by the Feast & Meeting.

In the Apartments of Lafayette Lodge #47, F.&A.M.,

680 Nate Whipple Highway

Cumberland, Rhode Island 02864

Dress: Members & Guest Black Tie Please.



The Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD) is a fraternal body for those with interest and ability in Masonic research. The degrees of the AMD are detached degrees some of which, many years ago, were conferred under Craft warrants and formed part of the then loosely governed Freemasonry of the period.

Many of these detached degrees became dormant in some places, although in others they were conferred as side degrees. In time, the better of these degrees were grouped together in an organized body under the title of Allied Masonic Degrees. The degrees comprising the system in our Jurisdiction in the U.S.A. are the Royal Ark Mariner, Secret Monitor, Knight of Constantinople, Saint Lawrence the Martyr, Architect, Superintendent, Grand Tilers of Solomon, Master of Tyre, Excellent Master, Installed Sovereign Master, Installed Commander Noah, Red Branch of Eri, and Ye Ancient Order of Corks. They are conferred in the United States in Councils chartered by the Grand Council.

Membership in an AMD Council is strictly by invitation and it is open to Companions of the Royal Arch. Councils are presided over by a Sovereign Master, assisted by the elected and appointed officers. The maximum number of active members of any Council is limited to twenty-seven. Papers and discussions of Masonic and related topics are typically held at Council meetings, in the context of a Festive Board format.

Renaissance Council No. 429, AMD, was constituted on July 26, 2004 by the Grand Council of the AMD for the USA on a request from MWJoseph W. Thibodeau, PGM, Of the most Ancient & Honorable Society of Free & Accepted Masons of the State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations..


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